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10 Expert Tips for Landing Page Conversions

Allen Bayless
Allen Bayless 24 January 2019

Businesses are now creating valuable marketing campaigns online. One of the effective marketing strategies used today are landing pages. But creating a landing page and having it convert well isn’t as simple as some may think. The design of a landing page should perform well, but that doesn’t happen in one try. In this article, we will touch on various points about design and feedback. Let’s dive deep into some important tips to improve your landing page conversions.

Does Your Page Work Well In Different Screen Sizes?

The importance of your landing page looking great on any device screen size is crucial. Especially the ones that matter the most. Pay attention to how your landing page looks on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Make sure that it's easy to navigate between each screen device. What may work well on a desktop computer might be difficult for a user using a mobile device.

Is your Landing Page Upfront to your Audience?

Be direct and concise with your landing page. Often I have seen landing pages that do not grab the visitors interest. When your lead comes in they should know what they are on there for when they arrive. Especially if you are using paid advertising. You wouldn't want your ad headline to mismatch with your headline on your landing page. Your content should help the visitor understand what you're offering. Then reel them in with benefits. Write compelling headlines and then follow up which strong copy.

You Better Believe Attention Spans Are Short

When a visitor lands on your page and if they are presented with multiple actions to take you’re doing yourself no good. For instance, a link to this page and that page. Or buy this now, but also subscribe to our newsletter. Because the visitor is presented with so many actionable things they will have a higher chance to leave and not complete the conversion. So if you had one action to take on your landing page then that is the only option the visitor we'll make. Oli Gardner describes this as the 1:1 attention ratio. It's a good practice. Drop all distractions. Your landing page conversions will go up when the attention ratio goes down.

Make Sure Buttons Are Apparent for Users

Does your call to action button stand out? If you want your visitors to take action than a good CTA button will be important. Play around with colors, shapes, and sizes. Place them above the fold and between important parts of your page. You should have a clear idea of what will happen next when they click the button. You can use text that gives a sense like they are saying it themselves such as “Yes, I’m ready for my free download”.

Headlines Can Make or Break How Users React

Have bold and straightforward headlines. Your visitor's attention span is a matter of seconds. If your headline is simple and to the point, you have a higher chance of grabbing your visitor's attention.

The Copy On Your Page Should Connect with Visitors

Convincing landing page copy. Besides having your page looking great you want your content to shine as well. The flow of text from the headline to copy should be to the point and genuine. If your visitors aren't hooked and satisfied you can bet they will leave your page. Depending on your goals the amount of copy will depend. Landing pages will do best with 500 words or more. Then there are landing pages that are lengthy such as two thousand words. make sure your copy is clear from distraction. Motivate your visitor toward your conversion goal.

Do You Have Trustworthy Factors?

You want people to trust you so why not add any testimonials or reviews. Do you have any seals of approval? Showcase them. Your visitors can relate if they read reviews from other trustworthy people. Be careful though if it doesn't look authentic it can have a negative effect on your conversion rates. Don't make your visitors think it seems too good to be true. An example of trust seals is the Better Business Bureau badge.

Why You Test Pricing Tables If You Can

Do you have a pricing plan? Test and see if a pricing table works better on one version of a landing page compared to one that doesn't have it. Are you afraid of a pricing table on your landing page could affect conversion rates? Visitors tend to like to know their options and what they're about to get themselves into.

Be Fast As You Can

Pay attention to page speed. No matter how well your design and copy is if it doesn't load fast then you can kiss your conversions goodbye. Tools like Google page speed insights suggest improving your page speed. one of the number one places to start is your website hosting service. there's a reason for you get what you pay for. optimize any images and Scripts to improve your page speed. not only will it please your visitors but search engines take into account your page speed.

If You Don't Test Now Then You Should Start

Way to improve your landing page conversion rate is to test. There are a ton of tools to use for a/b testing. Unbounce is a tool that helps create many variations of landing pages. Also, get analytic data on which landing page performs the best. Test different headlines, different colored CTA buttons, and completely different layouts. Segment your audience by sending different paid traffic to different land pages.  if your goal is to increase your conversion rate then testing is the way to go. don't think you can have one landing page and you're done. always be improving.

We hope you can take some or all these tips to heart. Start practicing today to improve your landing page conversion rates. We know it will make an impact! If you're looking for help with any of these tips and more for your landing pages please get in touch with us.