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3 Software Marketing Ideas to Increase Demand and Convert More Sales

Want to increase demand and convert more SaaS sales? Read these 3 software marketing ideas to implement and take your marketing to the next level.

Facebook Advertising Funnel

Facebook Ads present a cost effective way to put your brand and messaging in front of your target audience at an affordable price. However, in order to really be effective with Facebook Advertising, you need the right strategy.

It's important to create strategic Facebook marketing funnels to introduce your brand, educate, deliver value and outline your product or services UVP. Social ads are different so often times Facebook Ads will not deliver desired results without some type of funnel. Remember, people don't go to Facebook to buy things. However, the targeting Facebook Ads has is second to none, making it perfect for getting in front of exactly the right people.

For your Facebook marketing funnel to work, you'll need good content. Content such as blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, webinars and free trials. For example, you might share a blog post that your target audience would enjoy that relates to your industry. Next, you would retarget those blog readers and offer them an invite to your webinar, download an eBook or even start a free trial depending on how well known your brand is.

Email Automation

Email automation works in tandum with your Facebook marketing funnels. Once someone enters your list, you can have email automations to convert prospects to free trials or demos, and free trials and demo leads to customers. A third suggested automation is for customers to help train them on your software and keep them engaged.

Create nurturing campaigns aimed at educating, delivering value and ultimately, upselling and moving prospects through your funnel.

Content Marketing

As mentioned above, you'll need content to use in your Facebook funnels and email automations. Before you begin creating content, it's crucial to first complete your persona research and create your content strategy. Creating content with no strategy will not do you much good.

You'll want your content to help attract new visitors to your website, educate and begin framing their minds to the pains your software relieves.

Divide your content up into several stages that match the buyers journey such as the Attract/Research stage, Consideration and Decision stages.

Another important element to making your content marketing successful is content promotion. Simply hitting Publish in your blog will not be enough. It's important to promote your content via social media, to help get it in front of your audience. The social sharing will also help your content get indexed faster by the search engines so that in time, your content will generate its own traffic.

Remember to create premium content such as eBooks, white papers, case studies, video content, recorded demos etc. to use for lead generation.

Try these 3 software marketing ideas to give your product the exposure it deserves. If you would like more information on ways to attract and convert more traffic to sales, download our free eBook below.

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