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7 Signs You Should Hire a Lead Generation Agency

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 06 December 2017

Have your sales decreased due to a lack of leads to your site? Having little or no leads generated is a death sentence for a digital marketer.

Leads are the driving force behind sales. Without conversions, your business revenue will decrease.

If you're struggling with acquiring and converting leads for your company, you can look at hiring a lead generation agency to help you.

Let's dive deeper into the top seven signs you see when it's time to start seeking help.

Declining Sales

If sales are dropping, it may mean that your marketing team is not generating enough leads. Even if you are generating leads, those leads may not be qualified.

Having a lead generation agency that specializes in creating and qualifying leads that turn into sales may save your company. Diving into your marketing strategy head-first and analyzing the potential problems it has will help you to develop a better plan.

Most outside agencies have the experience to perform an audit of your digital marketing strategies and offer suggestions for change. They will be able to tell you whether it is your marketing efforts or your sales team that is the cause of the decline in sales.

A sure way to see an increase in high-quality leads is to make sure you have the right target market and message. Agencies can also assist in providing this. They are skilled in determining what your target market is and who you should be marketing to.

When your message is being driven to people that want to hear it, sales will almost always increase.

Small Marketing Team

Your marketing team is small and you feel that you are always churning your wheels and not getting much done. To have a good digital presence and digital marketing team, it's impossible to have a team of one or two people.

There are a lot of things that either won't get done or won't get done well when only a few people are focused on it. You don't have enough time in the day to allocate all of your tasks. Hiring a lead generation agency can help relieve some of the duties associated with a full-time digital marketing position.

A lead generation specialist will be able to help you find leads to reach out to and your marketing efforts can be maximized. Instead of looking for people, you can be crafting your messages to those people.

Time and Money

When it comes to generating leads and seeing good marketing results, you may struggle with the budget if you're a smaller company. If you're working on qualifying leads yourself and you're purchasing lists or paying per lead, that cost could rack up.

If you have a lead generation agency working on your side, they can help reduce the cost associated with paying for single leads or lists and provide additional support.

If you're finding that you need more people on your marketing team to get everything done, but can't afford to hire people on full-time, this may be a sign to move towards an outside agency.

Instead of paying for a yearly salary, you'll be paying on a project or contract basis, which can help eliminate costs.

Digital Marketing is New to You

Has your company done traditional marketing up until this point in time? Is digital marketing new to you?

You may be a business owner or a part of a marketing team that hasn't done anything digitally. If online marketing is new to you, you may want to look a hiring a lead generation agency.

You or your team don't have the skills or expertise to maximize success without spending a lot of time learning about best practices. Agencies help you get there a lot faster because of their prior experience with many different clients.

Your team may have an idea or a plan for your team, but don't know where or how to implement it. An agency is cost effective and will put you on the right path of seeing your strategy through to the end.

A Lead Generation Agency Provides Ideas

If your team is struggling to create any fresh or creative ideas, it's time to call up your lead generation agency for help. They can help you get fresh ideas to ramp up your work.

Your team could be treading water doing what they've always done, day in and day out. Rolling out a new plan or strategy can help to start generating high quality leads again. The good thing about an agency is they have people on staff that do this full-time.

They know how to get out of a creative rut and start driving results again. They are experienced in building plans from the ground up and takings ideas and turning them into a complete vision.

They also know how to measure the marketing results to see if they are successful and measuring up to set goals.

Perhaps the truth is that you don't like marketing and don't want to do it. When it comes to generating new content and ideas, it isn't your forte. You know that if you did it, you wouldn't generate good results.

That's when you know it's time to get some outside help.

You Don't Have to Generate Leads Alone

There are a variety of reasons it may not be in your best interest to try to do digital marketing in-house. This could be because your team is too small or not qualified enough, or they lack ideas and a solid plan.

Maybe your company doesn't have enough in the budget to expand the team and the time it's taking your team now is not allowing them to make progress.

All of these are reasons why hiring a lead generation agency could help improve your business processes and increase your sales.

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