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7 Ways to Increase SaaS Free Trial Conversion Rates

Scaling a SaaS business involves learning how you're currently converting at various stages of the funnel, and improving upon them. Here are 7 ways you can increase your SaaS free trial conversion rates.

Measure traffic by quality

As mentioned above, the first step is to ensure you're measuring important KPI's so you can improve them. One of these important marketing metrics is to measure your websites traffic by channel to learn how each affects overall lead quality.

A couple ways to look at this is to measure your visit-to-free trial conversion rate by traffic source. This will let you know how each specific channel converts to free trials or demos. To take this a step further, it's important to learn the free trial to paid customer conversion rate by channel as well. Knowing this can help you focus your marketing on the areas that are sending you the most business - ensuring your spending time and money on areas that can help you grow your business in the most cost effective way.

Test copy

Begin by testing copy that aids in the conversion process. For example, homepage copy above the fold or around the call-to-action button. Also, test the copy on the call-to-action button itself. When testing, keep your tests clean by only focusing on one test at a time and have an accurate way to measure the data. When brainstorming copy changes, think about how your target audience would think and how your solution solves their problems.

Try video

Does your audience struggle "getting" what your software does? If so, try using an explainer video. Explainer videos are great for communicating your UVP in less than 90 seconds. Place the video on your homepage and maybe even on your conversion page.

Pre-frame with content

Leverage your content marketing strategy and website copy to pre-frame your prospects towards choosing your solution. For example, let your persona research drive your content strategy where your content will support your prospects buyer journey. Educating along the way while pre-framing them to realize the value in your software and service in a non-salesy way. Let your content help them discover this value on their own.

Optimize registration page

Surprisingly, this is one area I don't see often. Have you tested your registration page? I've seen noticable results from testing messaging on the registration page. For example, does your page simply include a sentence or two and a form? If so, test that against a more traditional landing page layout that highlights your UVP and outlines what the prospect is registering for and why.

Focus on solutions not features

It's easy to get caught in weeds of how awesome your software and feature set is. However, features aren't always the best at convincing prospects and website visitors to try or buy. Solutions on the other hand, work much better!

Let your marketing copy convey how your solution will alleviate your prospects pain, challenges or help them reach their goals. This is why you created your software in the first place right?!


One tactic I see that's often a second thought is the email automation after someone begins their free trial. This is your opportunity to do two things - educate, train and get them engaged in your software so they can get the most value in a short amount of time. Second, you want to upsell to a paid account.

For example, if your free trial is 30 days, the first week or two could be focused on getting them up to speed, engaged and getting value out of your product. The second two weeks could be focused on the account upgrade opportunity.

There are nearly limitless ways to increase conversions and it's easy to get lost in the data. What's important is being concious of how you're currently converting and trying these ideas to increase conversions. Get started by trying these 7 ways to increase SaaS free trial conversion rates.

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