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Is Your Website Responsive? Find Out Why It Should Be

Responsive Web Design: The Time is Now

If you've made it this far in life, you probably already realize how important it is to adapt to a situation. Being able to realize things cannot always go your way and having the ability to accommodate situations/feelings is a vital survival and success skill.

This rings true in all areas of life, including web development. Like a chameleon who adapts to its surroundings, your website must also adapt to different devices. If a user is on a mobile device and your website has not been made to adapt to their screen, they will probably leave your website. This loss of interest often results in a loss of business opportunity.

What is Flat Design


We were once in the age of embracing the reality of Skeuomorphic design, or a false reality. In it are textures, drop shadows, gradients and more to make things appear visually real. Now to simplify things all that has to be done is to take out these extra “realism” effects. Introducing “flat design”, not a new artistic approach, but one that is catching steam in every day design.