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3 Blog Writing Prompts for Better SEO Results

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 10 July 2018

Are you looking to ramp up your company's SEO strategy and drive traffic to your website?

Whether you're a small business using local SEO or an international company that thrives on global SEO, blogging can be a vital part of your marketing strategy.

By choosing blog post ideas that are best suited for your business, you'll be more likely to see success.

Read on to learn 3 blog writing prompts that will get you better SEO results!

1. Solve a Problem

How well do you know the wants, fears, desires, and goals of your target audience?

Focusing your blog content on solutions to their problems should give you endless post ideas.

Doing so will also help you to quickly qualify the traffic to your website and attract people that are more likely to become customers.

For example, if you are selling solar products you could write a blog post that touches on how solar energy cuts down on electrical bills.

If you don't know your potential customer's pain points, you could possibly poll existing customers with a survey or follow up with your top customers and engage them in a conversation aimed to help them get the most of what they need from your services.

2. Case Studies

You can use case studies as another way to generate blog post ideas that help your website rank.

Do you have testimonials or stories from satisfied customers?

Consider leveraging the exceptional results your business has seen into attractive blog content. Combine your success stories, results, and strategies with keywords that your audience is searching for to see your rank skyrocket.

If you're not sure what keywords to use, try a keyword research tool to get started.

Case study blog posts work to educate your audience, confirm what your business is capable of, and bring them into your world!

3. Cover Industry Trends

It's likely that as technology evolves, your industry is changing in one way or another.

If you need blog post ideas, industry trends are a great way to help educate and inform your target audience.

Let's say your business operates in the construction sector. You could write blogs about construction hiring trends, industry reports, or how technology is changing your industry.

Examples of keywords you could use include:

-Hiring trends in 2018
-Newest construction technology
-(Fill in the blank) industry update for 2018Whether you're focusing on evergreen or time-sensitive content, you always want to include a call to action.

Whether you're offering a lead magnet at the end of the post or just a simple contact form, this will help convert traffic into customers!

These Blog Writing Prompts Will Get You Noticed!

These 3 blog writing prompts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting better SEO results and page ranking! Don't be afraid to get creative and test out what works best for your audience.