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Google Ads Lead Generation: A Complete Guide

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 28 August 2018

Updated 9/2/2020

There are various ways you can advertise your products and services using the Web. And one of the best ways to get quick results is to use Google Ads.

Now, if you're not already using Google Ads for lead generation, then it's time to reconsider your strategy. After all, Google owns 87% of the search engine market share. And 75% of clicks go to pages found on the first page of Google - exactly where your ad will show up.

What's great about Google Ads is that the ads blend in with the search results, making them look like ordinary links. This is why it's recommended that you use hyperlinks and ad copy that's informative and contains a CTA to help draw more Google leads.

Let's take a closer look at what you can do to use Google Ads for increased lead generation.

Create a Landing Page that's Google Optimized

How important is it to have a landing page that's Google-friendly? Well, Google disabled a whopping 780 million ads back in 2015 because of policy violations!

Needless to say, Google does not play when it comes to optimization, even when it comes to your advertisements. But how can you ensure your landing page won't lead to your ad's removal?

It's simple, really. First, you need to ensure your landing page experience is a good one. In other words, your visitors find it helpful - not misleading! In a nutshell, Google likes landing pages that are:

-Transparent and trustworthy
-Relevant, useful, and original
-Easy to navigate
-Quick loading time

Clearly explain your offer in the beginning and throughout the landing page. And it should be directly related to the ad the user clicks on to arrive to the page.

Then second, you must learn and follow Google's policies. There are certain types of content and practices that are prohibited. For instance, you can't promote shady or immoral products and services. And the landing page should be a part of a larger website.

If your landing page and website are set up solely to collect user data, you'll correspondingly receive a penalty. It's alright to collect information, but that shouldn't be the only purpose of your site.

Target Negative Keywords

The keywords you select for Google Ads lead generation is key to your success. However, while you're targeting key phrases your audience is using, you should also hone in on the ones they're not.

Negative keywords are terms that you don't want to show up for. By adding these to your campaigns you can ensure your ads don't show up in the search results for these key phrases. In other words, you won't get clicks from groups of people who aren't actually looking for your product or service.

For example, if you're a dentist that offers non-cosmetic dental services, then "cosmetic dentist" would be a negative keyword phrase to include.

You should brainstorm and research various other negative keywords you may show up for and add them accordingly. This way, you don't end up paying more money for a campaign that's not converting.

Use Exact Match and Phrase Match Keywords

Besides negative keywords, there are other types of search terms to be aware of. For instance, there's exact match, broad match, modified broad match, and phrase match.

An exact match keyword is the strictest type of keyword. It's where you require users to type in an exact match of your chosen keyword in order for the ad to display. Now, this is something you want to use in certain cases where you want more control over the groups you're targeting.

Phrase match keywords aren't as strict as exact match, but more strict than modified broad match keywords. In this case, the user is required to enter the entire phrase in their search and in the same order.

For instance, if your keyword is cosmetic dentist services, then you may show up in searches for phrases like "cosmetic dentist in LA" and "affordable cosmetic dentist."

However, you wouldn't show up in results for "affordable dentist cosmetic services" and "dentist cosmetic procedures."

Use Broad Match and Modified Broad Match Keywords

In many cases, brands use flexible keyword settings in Google Ads campaigns. But again, it depends on the industry and consumer group your campaign is for.

If you're not too worried about attracting the wrong audience and you're already making use of negative keywords, then you can use broad and modified broad match keywords without worry.

Broad match settings allow your ads to display even when users type in non-matching keywords. For instance, key phrases with synonyms and variations of the keywords you select.

For instance, "cosmetic dentist" may show up in search results for "teeth whitening dentist" and "tooth repair dentist."

Then the modified broad match setting is similar but a bit stricter. You can choose which keywords have to be in the phrase in order for your ads to show up.

This still allows flexibility in the search results it shows up in but ensures a higher chance of relevancy based on the keywords you choose.

For example, you can have cosmetic + dentist + LA as your must-have keywords. And then your ad will show up in search results for key phrases like "cosmetic dentist in the LA area" and "cosmetic dentist."

A/B Testing FOR Ads Lead Generation

Both your headline and your ad copy must be A/B tested to get the best results from your Google Ads campaign. You'll need to keep a close eye on your Google Analytics to see which ads are performing well.

Then for those that aren't, you can tweak one thing at a time and monitor whether the results improve. For instance, you can change the headline or the CTA. This will allow you to identify exactly what increased your CTR and conversions.

Get Expert Help with Your Adwords Campaign

Generating Google leads can potentially propel you ahead of your competition. However, if you're not knowledgeable about developing a thorough campaign for Ads lead generation, then you may not actualize these results.

This is why it's recommended to work with experts that know the ins and outs of Google Ads. At HookLead, we both educate and assist our customers with lead generation.

We can help you build a strategy that generates qualified leads that convert. Contact us today to learn more!