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Show Stopper: How Ads Can Change Your Google Strategy

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 06 March 2018

There was a time, seemingly forever ago, when all a company wanted to do was show up at the top of a consumer's Internet search. That top spot, it was assumed, would lead to untold fortune and glory.

Well as the Internet has evolved, so has the way we look at monetizing our participation in it. While that top of the page Google search result is prized, many companies know that a great ad can improve their Google strategy.

Ads Have to be Seen, But...

So it's no secret that for an ad - good, great, or middling - to be effective, it has to be seen. Well, in June 2017, Google announced that its' Chrome browser will be developed to block what it deems "annoying ad experiences."

And what does that mean? They are targeting "...popups, ads that flash quickly, change colors or force people to waitbefore accessing content..."

The idea behind this type of filter has been pushed by businesses and consumers alike. It seems that near the top of everyone's Google strategy is to create a more positive ad experience.

It's a Revenue Generator for All

Of course one of the reasons that Google is so big on meaningful, impactful ads is because of its PPC or Pay-Per-Click ad strategy. For the uninitiated, this is an advertising platform that allows you to bid on the opportunity to place an ad on Google that will appear alongside the results of particular searches.

When a consumer sees and clicks on your ad, you pay Google. And this is where it pays (literally and figuratively) to have a strong Google strategy because the goal/hope is that that ad click will lead to a sale for you.

Crafting Your Google Strategy

Your goal is a simple one (in theory) - attract more customers to your site through ads. That's going to happen through great ads for sure, but it's also going to happen when people see an ad at the exact right time on their purchase journey.

So you've got to do your research. What are competitors doing, what are your differentiators, what do people want?

By looking at all of these factors, you can find that area where your competition isn't but there is an opportunity for consumers to find you. This is where you can start to build your new ad empire.

It's a Strategy, Not a Science

It's important to remember that getting more clicks will come through a carefully executed strategy. There is no silver bullet or deep science that can be enacted.

What you will need is a mixture of patience, let your strategy take the time it needs to fully play out. You'll also need to be willing to be flexible.

The Internet is nothing if not unpredictable. A new trend could start tomorrow, a new product could suddenly catch fire.

This happens with or without the Internet though, right? What's important is to recognize how these developments might play into your Google strategy.

Admittedly, this post only scratches the surface of how you can utilize ads to complement your Google strategy. While you can continue to read and research, we suggest a conversation around your needs and our experience.

When you're ready to talk, we're here.