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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 22 February 2018


Free Digital Marketing Plan


Video Transcript:

What's up guys? This is Zack from HookLead. We’re starting a new year, we're wrapping up the end of January and I'm sure most of you being business professionals have big goals for this year, right? So today we want to talk about a marketing plan, putting together a marketing plan and strategy in order to hit your goals.

If you say, I'm right here by the end of the year, I want to be right here, how are you going to get there? As the famous Jim Rohn used to say, “for things have to change, you have to change.” And essentially in a nutshell, what that means is if you expect to get here and you're here, if you're planning on doing the same thing you did last year but not different in higher results may not happen for you. Right? So in order to, to figure out how you're going to succeed, you need to put together a plan, a roadmap of blueprints and strategies.

A good place to start is to just brainstorm, right? Let's figure out like what are all the different things that we could and should do this year in order to get us more traffic, more leads, more conversions, more sales map. Just write it all down. Just brainstorm. Write it all down. Right? And then what you want to do next is kind of figure out, OK, well it's not like we can necessarily just jump right into doing all the things you could I guess, but it could be time intensive. It could be a big investment. Not necessarily saying that you couldn't or shouldn't do that, just figuring out where to start and the best place to figure out what a start is after you've outlined all the stuff, all the different ideas to take it from here to there. Identify about two, three, four quick wins.

What I mean by that are what can you do right now that can move the needle the most, the fastest, especially if it requires a little more minimal effort and comparison to the other thing. So for example, what that could be is say your website gets decent traffic already, right? But maybe you're just not getting very many leads or sales from your traffic. I'm just think about conversion opportunities, right? Do you have an exit intent pop up in place? So if people are coming to your website, they're not converting, they go to leave. What if you put a pop up and then place that promoted an ebook? All yes for was name and email. At least you're getting a prospect as opposed to getting nothing. You can nurture that prospect through your marketing automation sequence. You can nurture them through your retargeting campaign just to move them along, better to get something than nothing because traffic is earned either through time or money or both.
Right? So every click, every visitor, if they're targeted as a potential prospect and it's something you want to maximize. I've seen a lot of websites that only have maybe one conversion opportunity in place. I might have, you know, a real estate site might have forced registration and a contact us page. Right? What about all the other people that hit the website that aren't ready? Right? The need a few more touches before they feel comfortable giving information over to your brand, right? That's really good opportunities to have. Top of funnel offers, e-books, white papers, premium videos, you know, case studies, different things like that. It's the value trade, right? Nurture them along. Think about what are the quick wins on other ideas. What if you're sitting on a database that you already have a lot of leads, right? And maybe your sales team is, you know, kind of maxed out with time at the moment, but those leads are sitting there.

You could have a handful of customers in your database if only someone would work. If you're short on time, if you have bandwidth issues, why not put together a strategic marketing automation, lead nurturing campaign to, you know, reach out and start touching people and move them along. So again, put together all your, all your ideas. Identify about two, three, four quick wins that you can do right now to move the needle the most with minimal effort. And then start thinking about how to stack your strategy out for the rest of the year. So for example, uh, if, if like for real estate for example, right, we're heading in the spring, it's a good busy time for real estate professionals. That might be a time to say, all right, let's promote our listings on Facebook Ads. Let's run some Google AdWords to catch buyers, and then thinking long term, let's start getting our CEO in place now knowing that we're going to dial back or paid advertising in the fall.

And by that time our CEO be kind of ramping up, right? So just be strategic, think about all the things you want to do, what's the best timing for each, and where do you begin with a quick winds? Now, if you're kind of struggling with, OK, this all sounds great, Zack, but you know, I don't know if I can necessarily put together a successful marketing plan myself. Reach out to us. We have a link below that. If you would like to talk to us about helping with the marketing plan, helping identifying those quick wins, please hit the link below and we'll be happy to talk to you about what is a good strategy to help you reach your goals and crush your goals for 2018. Again, this is Zack from HookLead, hope y'all have a good a good week. Thanks. Bye.