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How to Create a Simple Social Media Strategy Plan

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 01 February 2018



What's up guys? This is Zack from HookLead. Today I want to talk about some quick tips for social media, specifically the 10-4-1 rule for a simple social media strategy plan. Now, what that is exactly is a way to provide value, mix up the type of content that you provide without overly broadcasting and promoting yourself.

What you want to do is you want to promote 10 links of content that's not your own. That could be industry news or partners, different things that your target audience will find valuable that will be helpful to them. 10 posts that's not your content and then the four is you want to do four of your own content, so that could be your own blog posts, videos, anything like that. This could be a link back to your website, just providing value, not necessarily selling anything.

The one is, that's where you want to be a little more sales-y. You want to essentially link to your landing pages to a sales page. Still offering value, but also offering to help, whether that's through downloading a guide or an e-book or white paper or case study, maybe your foot in the door, offer a consultation strategy call something to that effect.

In summary, it's a, the 10-4-1 rule. So that's 10 posts of content that's not your own, four posts of content that is your own, that's not salesy, and then one post to your landing page. Essentially you want to mix it up so you're sharing a handful of other people's content, then your own, etc.

Essentially you want to take that 15 and kind of mix them all together so it flows a little better. You might have three, four posts of someone else's blogs mix one end of your own, couple of others, someone else's blogs. Mixing a link to your landing page that way, or not overly promotional. You're delivering value, you're giving content that your target audience wants to consume and you're also promoting your brand and generating leads at the same time, which is important to grow your business.

Again, this is Zack from HookLead and today we talked about the 10-4-1 rule for social media. I hope y'all have a great week. Thanks.