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How to Optimize Your Registration Page

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 16 August 2017

You've done a good job promoting and people are landing on your registration page. What percentage are filling out your form and signing up? Do you know? Could you be converting more?

Below are a few tips to help you optimize your registration page for more sign-ups, new accounts, trials, leads and sales.

Know the data

Remember when I asked you what percentage are converting on your registration page? This is a conversion rate you should know. In order to improve, you need to know where you currently stand.

It's easy to track your registration page conversion rate by simply setting-up goal tracking in your analytics.

Treat it like a landing page

To begin optimizing your registration page, I suggest treating it like a landing page. There are proven best practices that work well to improve conversion rates on your landing pages, many of these work well for sign-up and registration pages as well.

Funneling website visitors to your sign-up page is the first step, getting them to fill out your form and convert is the second step.

Include your value proposition

I've seen countless registration pages that simply include the form and nothing else. Who knows, maybe they tested several variations and that is worked best for them. However, many people need that last second pitch that clarifies what they're signing-up for.

This is a great opportunity to include your elevator pitch in a short paragraph and a few bullet points. What is the value proposition for someone signing-up? What great things do they unlock when they register? Make your value clear to the visitor to increase conversion rates.

Trust signals

Why should they believe your value proposition? Including trust signals and social proof will go a long way in validating your offer to the visitor. Below are a few ideas of what you could include to assure the visitor they're making the right decision.

  • Number of current users - "Over 1 million happy folks trust our brand, you will too!"
  • Credible industry affiliations or certifications
  • Security - Information confidential, no spam, secured by...
  • Testimonials

Form length

Just like in landing page optimization, your form length is important. The length of the form should relate to the value exchange in your offer. Is your free trial worth someone giving up their phone number? When optimizing your registration page, try to keep your form short.

Often times sign-up forms are the first step in a process. Could you ask for more information later in the process?


The form on your sign-up page should stick out and be the main focal point. You want to make it clear to the visitor that in order for them to proceed and begin receiving value, that they need to fill out the registration form first.

One best practice is to use contrast in your form. For example, if your page is white, perhaps your registration form background is a contrasting brand color.

Begin optimizing your registration page by knowing your conversion rate and treating it like a landing page. Give your experiments time to build enough data to make informed optimization decisions. Always seek to optimize and improve your sign-up pages, more registrations means more customers!

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