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Your Lead Generation Guide and Lead Generation Strategies to Maximize Sales

Did you know that the average customer gets exposed to 2,904 media messages per day and pays attention to about 52? We're in an age of information overload where getting a customer's attention represents a mammoth undertaking. Instead of adding to the marketing brouhaha, be sure to use lead generation strategies to attract customers to you.

Read on to learn more about how information overload has changed the face of marketing and what you can do about it.

The Game Has Changed

Perhaps the most important shift in the evolution of the buying process has been the role reversal between companies and customers. Once upon a time, companies found customers and approached them through outbound marketing. These efforts included:

  • advertising
  • cold calling
  • direct mailers
  • and more

Potential customers lacked knowledge of the company and it's offerings. As a result, the buying process began near square one. Be aware though, that the internet has drastically changed how customers behave.

Today's customers come looking for your company. And they're armed with more knowledge than ever before.

What to Do?

Make sure your company is easy to find online. What're the best ways to ensure this? Search engine optimization (SEO).

A good SEO strategy will guarantee that your website receives a continuous flow of qualified prospects. What does "good SEO strategy" look like? Your website and blog should contain relevant keywords and phrases woven throughout your content.

And while we're on the subject of content, make sure that it's high quality. Posting excellent content leads to link building and traffic generation, too.

Customers Have Changed

The overabundance of information on the internet means today's customers have done their research. Lots of it. What does that mean for you?

Instead of being at stage one of the buying process when they start interacting with your company, today's customers are much further. In fact, it's safe to assume that they're between two-thirds and 90 percent of the way through the buying process.

How to Respond?

Today's customers know what's out there. They're familiar with you and your competition, too.

So, how do you keep them on your site and convert them into loyal customers? The answer's simple. High-quality content.

First-rate content remains the essential ingredient to your company's marketing success. When you offer readers valuable, insightful content, they'll come back. What's more, you'll engage them, build a relationship with them, and earn their trust.

The deluge of information out there today means your audience is more discerning and vigilant than ever before about where they focus their attention. So, your content needs to hook them with bravado, finesse, and useful information.

The attention economy's real. Don't risk fizzling revenues by forgetting it!

Conversions Have Changed

Alright, you've optimized your website, and you're writing top-quality content. Your traffic levels have increased because prospects are now finding you. That's all good and well, but how do you convert prospects into customers?

You need to build a lead capture page. Otherwise, you'll end up with low visit-to-lead conversion rates. And you'll miss out on many opportunities to sell your products and services.

Where to Go from Here?

Building lead capture pages help you close the circle of your sales cycle. Think of them as the "yellow brick roads" your prospects follow to become loyal customers.

Creating effective lead capture pages requires a thorough knowledge of best practices in landing pages. Lead generation companies can guide you through the process.

That way, you'll get the highest number of conversions possible. Read more about crafting an effective lead capture page now so that you're prepared to discuss them and your company's goals with a qualified professional.

Lead Generation Strategies

Way back when, outbound marketing in the form of cold calling, advertisements, and mailers represented a company's best means of getting before customers. Then, the internet came along and old marketing paradigms started to shift.

Successful marketing became synonymous with ensuring your company got found. Lead generation strategies were thus born. With these changes, the importance of your company's online presence has intensified.

Your website equates with your online identity. So, be sure to invest in making your website professional-looking, easy to navigate, and well written. Then, make sure that you have some lead capture pages to help close the buyer circle.

Looking for more tips about digital marketing? Check out our blog, or contact us to chat about your business and its online marketing goals.

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