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An Essential Guide to Successful SaaS Marketing

Updated 6/24/2022

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a revolutionary business model. Many companies have leveraged this software distribution model to provide licensed online apps to other businesses on a subscription basis. In simple terms, an enterprise hires a cloud-based software so that its users can better connect over the internet. Examples of SaaS companies include MailChimp, Box, SalesForce, and DropBox.

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Workflows for SaaS

Updated 11/11/2022

Email marketing automation is crucial for any SaaS company. Should you be reading this piece, you are either already using it, or are thinking about it, which is a fantastic idea because there are lots of benefits to reap. There are lots of benefits to automating your email marketing, including freeing up your time to focus on more productive activities, increasing profits, and growing your organization.