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Lead Generation for SaaS Companies: Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 08 September 2020

Updated 4/3/2021

Did you know that 59% of B2B marketers say high-quality lead generation is their biggest challenge?

SaaS lead generation can be one of the biggest costs to a business. If it's not done correctly or isn't effective, you won't be making a return on your investment.

So what is SaaS lead generation? We answer the question and explain how it can benefit you.

What Is Lead Generation?

Simply put, lead generation is finding an initial interest and turning it into a potential sale. 

People visit your website or research your service all the time. But how many of those people come back, enquire, or follow through with a purchase or subscription?

How many people don't even know what a service like yours actually is or that it could benefit them?

Lead generation is getting all of those people on to your database, identifying the ones with a genuine interest or need, and starting their journey toward a purchase.

Creating and maintaining relationships with your customers is also important. It will help turn your leads into sales and keep customers coming back.

Lead Generation Benefits

So why use lead generation for SaaS? Sales are what make your business money. Without sales, you can't operate. Without sales, you can't grow and expand.

Lead generation is what gets you those sales. There are also so many other benefits to lead generation.

A proper lead generation strategy could save you time and money, as they are cheaper than other forms of advertising and will boost your ROI.

They are also targeted, meaning you waste less time on leads that aren't going anywhere.

Lead generation also creates brand awareness. Brand awareness can result in word of mouth advertising and be a form of lead generation of its own.

How to Generate SaaS Leads

A good lead generation strategy is at the core of any successful SaaS marketing campaign.

If you're looking to create or improve your strategy in house, we've put together five tips for lead generation for SaaS companies. 

There are tons of resources out there to help build different strategies. You might consider any of the following, or even a combination:

-Search Engine Optimization
-Referral systems
-PR events
-Exhibitions and trade shows
-Social media engagement

If you're a small team or don't have the expertise, you might consider a lead generation specialist.

We offer services to increase leads and sales through digital marketing and high converting design. We will work with you and around your company goals to help take your business to the next level.


Optimize Your Entire Funnel

Most SaaS companies are going to have a similar marketing and sales funnel to the one below:


It's important to focus on all stages of the funnel to truly accelerate growth. For example, your SEM strategy could look like this:


*Display Ads to generate demand & brand recognition
*Google & Bing Search Ads
*LinkedIn Sponsored Content
*Search Engine Optimization


*Display Remarketing
*Search Remarketing
*Remarket Across Social Media 
*Conversion Rate Optimization

Start Generating More SaaS Leads Today

So, what is SaaS lead generation? It's a way of growing your business by bringing you more potential customers. 

We specialize in lead generation for SaaS companies. We have lots of resources and articles on marketing and lead generation for you to browse on our website.

Contact us today to discuss how we can increase sales opportunities in your business.