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How to Use Social Media for Real Estate Leads

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By Zack Hanebrink on May 22, 2018
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Are you a real estate agent or broker that is struggling to get new leads and clients?

You've likely heard about the power of social media, but still a bit anxious to get aboard the social media bandwagon?

80% of all home buyers search online. You need to be utilizing online opportunities like social media to reach potential clients otherwise you are really missing out.

Still wary of social media? You're missing out on a vast opportunity to generate leads. Take action now with these five tips on social media for real estate.

1) Use Images

People are very visual. 83% of home buyers want photos to be available online and not just any photos. You need professional looking photos to stand out. This doesn't mean that you need to hire a photographer right away, unless that's well within in your budget. Get a great camera at a discount online, let alone learn how to use it through online tutorials.

Take eye-catching photos of the properties and post them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to stage the homes when taking photos instead of just snapping pictures of empty rooms. This will help home buyers picture themselves in the home.

2) Have Reviews Available

Referrals are important in any type of business, but they are vital in real estate. On your Facebook business page, be sure you have enabled reviews.

This will let visitors to your page see what your past and present clients think about your business. Seeing honest and positive reviews will build trust with new and potential clients. Make no mistake though, negative reviews will likely happen at some point and this can't always be prevented. The solution is always in how these reviews are handled and how a customer's issues are addressed. The transparency in these interactions is vital to demonstrating to the public that you are a company that is focused on taking care of your customers and following through on that ethos accordingly. Managing your reviews is the epitome of this.

3) Go Live

Facebook offers live video. When you are touring a home and taking photos, take the time to do a live video to show off the house.

You can take your audience on a live, virtual open house. This also lets people see your personality and relate to you. They can ask questions and you can answer them in real time.

The amount of tech available to do this is insane. Whether you prefer using something as simple as your smartphone, or possibly adding a 360 degree camera of your choosing; the options are boundless.

Tip: Facebook lives typically rate high in feeds so more people will see you.

4) Show off Your Neighborhood

Show off your neighborhood and events that go on. You want to show the culture of the area. Is there a new playground being built? Talk about it. Does the neighborhood have a yearly festival? Let your audience know all about it.

Showing off a home is obvious, but going that extra mile and talking about the community and it's events can make you stand out. What makes the community unique? Tell your audience these stories.

5) Create High Engaging Posts

It's important to create highly engaging posts on Facebook. What does this mean? Comments, likes, and shares from your target audience.

What kind of posts are high engaging?

  • Ask questions
  • Share behind the scenes photos or videos
  • Stream interviews with agents or clients
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Take a poll

Be sure that you are creating valuable content as well and sharing that with your audience. It's also very important that you respond to their comments. Engagement goes both ways and it shows you care.

Ready to up Your Social Media for Real Estate Game?

Social media is a free marketing tool that you need to be using to produce the results you want.

Let our experienced team help you develop a strong strategy to reach your target audience. Contact us today.

Hurry up and take action on social media for real estate!

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