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The 6 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools for SaaS Companies

Allen Bayless
Allen Bayless 10 March 2020

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the art of tweaking and perfecting every aspect of your business to maximize the rate of leads being converted into customers. Sales growth for any business requires constant CRO, but it is especially relevant for SaaS businesses. The majority of SaaS companies use a subscription-based revenue model, which requires a higher rate of customer conversion to the rate of churn. Every customer retained at the start of a new subscription cycle is a conversion, so it is imperative for SaaS companies to focus on retention as well as gaining new subscriptions. CRO must be done at every stage of a customer's journey in your SaaS company, from their first clicks on the company landing page to their subscription renewal and recommendation to others in the market.

Is your landing page attracting the right leads? Would a freemium price model lead to more paid subscriptions than a free trial? Are clients satisfied with the current onboarding workflow? Listed below are the best CRO tools geared towards SaaS that you can use to launch your everyday marketing efforts to an innovative level.


Track analytics and metrics for content engagement

1. Woopra

Woopra is a quantitative tool that provides analytics to visualize every touchpoint your customers come across. It produces reports that tell a story about where leads and users are falling through your funnel. This provides your SaaS the specific points to target churn and failed leads.

2. Google Analytics

While it may not provide the in-depth story of customer engagement provided by Woopra, Google Analytics provides detailed and highly specific metric data. By knowing the demographic most likely to become a successful lead, you can use metrics to target your marketing where it'll make the most impact.


Gain insights from customer behavior

3. UserTesting

UserTesting provides you videos of customers interacting with your product, speaking their minds as they test every feature and navigate through your software. For a SaaS company, this is a great way to put yourself in the mind of a customer and optimize UX.

4. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg generates heat maps to create visual statistical reports of how your leads have been interacting with your web-pages, and more specifically where their attention is most concentrated. You can look at aggregate user scrolling behavior, clicks, and hovering. If your call-to-action is out of focus, a simple repositioning could make a big difference in user conversion. Likewise, you can take a look at what draws attention and what doesn't on your landing page.


Make informed changes that are proven to increase conversion

5. Adobe Target

As with other tools geared towards increasing conversion by testing, Adobe Target gives you the ability to run simultaneous A/B and multivariate testing on your product or landing page. The difference with Adobe Target is an AI-driven personalization engine that optimizes each touchpoint based on an individual user's demographic. It automatically changes these touchpoints for the user, to maximize chances of conversion.


Efficiently manage, collaborate, and showcase CRO efforts and ideas

6. Liftmap

Liftmap is a project management platform specially designed for CRO. Rather than having to go between a cumbersome stack of MS office documents to track and share CRO efforts for your company, Liftmap allows you to efficiently manage the workflow.

Updated 6/24/2022