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Tips to Amplify Your Brand’s Content Marketing

Zack 03 April 2021

The Internet is saturated with content, noise and distractions. Getting your content noticed takes planning and work. What is your plan to ensure the right people will find you?

Just like you end your New Year’s Eve, your content marketing needs to reach to the sky and set off fireworks in order to garner the attention from as much of the market segment as possible. Here are 5 ways you can amplify your brand’s content marketing reach.

Brand Awareness

Introduce yourself and begin telling your story. Storytelling is a powerful strategy to help explain your brands purpose in a way that can better resonate with your audience. It can help humanize your brand and increase interest and trust.

Who’s Your Audience?

It's crucial to define your target market and audience, and create content based on their goals, challenges, pain points and frequently asked questions. In order to learn more about what that would be, start with the following:

  • Conduct market research
  • Find out where your audience is located
  • Use Social Media to interact and learn from your audience

Quick Tip – don’t use every form of social media ‘just because’. Only use it if you can find your audience there and if it’s a good avenue to pursue.

Set Goals

Before pressing that publish button on your CMS, you might want to set some goals first. What do you want the structure of your blog to be – a list, how-to, or visual post? What tone will you choose – serious, witty, light hearted, or wild to the bone? What do you expect from publishing your content? For example, is your blog post used to drive traffic to your site and increase brand impressions? Are you using the blog post to help promote


All of your content doesn't necessarily need to be written articles. Mix in visual content as well. Visual content is easy to digest and often gets shared more. Often times, you can repurpose things you may have already created into visual content. Below are some examples of visual content:

  • e-Books
  • Graphics/Images – infographics, quote graphics, pictures
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos