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Top 5 Best Email Marketing Automation Workflows for SaaS

Allen Bayless
Allen Bayless 21 July 2020

Updated 11/11/2022

Email marketing automation is crucial for any SaaS company. Should you be reading this piece, you are either already using it, or are thinking about it, which is a fantastic idea because there are lots of benefits to reap. There are lots of benefits to automating your email marketing, including freeing up your time to focus on more productive activities, increasing profits, and growing your organization.

These include the fact that you no longer have to invest most of your time taking care of tiresome but essential tasks such as sending general messages, making email lists, or scheduling different events. As an ambitious marketing professional, you can fully concentrate on more productive activities, which will enable you to rake in profits and grow your organization.

Are you ready to explore various SaaS marketing automation workflow ideas? Below are some that you should consider.

Lead Nurturing Workflow

A lead nurturing workflow is one that you need to set up if you have not yet done it. Remember that creating a sales pitch that captures leads is just the beginning, and you should not stop there. A lead nurturing workflow allows you to convince the contacts whose attention you have already captured to become your real customers.

With it, these clients can know more about your SaaS organization, your products, and services, plus you can establish trust. To build efficient lead nurturing workflows, you have to understand your sales cycle and analyze your results regularly. You should also consider your sales funnel or buyer's journey when creating this type of workflow.

Upsell SaaS Workflow

If you offer a free trial or have subscription tiers and add-ons, building out a workflow promoting the next step in their customer journey. For example, a new user signs-up for a free account, you'll want an email series going out to them highlighting how your upsell can better solve their problems. Give them good reasons to upgrade by matching their goals, challenges and pain points to your solutions and offer. 

Upsell workflows are an important part of your funnel and can greatly increase paid subscribers if done right. If you need help building out your workflows, please reach out to us here.

Welcome/Training Workflow

Consider this fantastic email automation workflow to welcome your new customers. It will make them feel appreciated and glad to be on your team. A training or welcome workflow will help to create a positive impression about your brand, which is essential if you want to maintain all the contacts you have converted using your lead nurturing workflow.

Also, it enables you to engage with your customers even after they have purchased one of your products or service. If they are having a difficult time using what you just sold them, you can offer training information to save their time. When creating your welcome emails, ensure that you include valuable content only. You do not want to bore them or waste their time. It will create a wrong first impression.

There are different ways that you can create a welcome or training workflow. For instance, your subscribers can receive the first email once they sign up. Then, you can send the next one two days later to tell them more about your company. Send another email a week later, to show that you are still committed to meeting their varied needs.

Re-Engagement Workflow

Even after you have generated thousands of leads, it is crucial to understand that not all of them will remain active. This begs the need to create a re-engagement workflow. It will allow you to get in touch with contacts who may have forgotten about you or are too consumed by other things like work.

Re-engagement email campaigns make it possible for you to maintain subscribers who are still interested in your services. Create time to create the emails and be consistent when it comes to quality. If you realize that most of your subscribers do not even bother to open your emails, re-evaluate the kind of content you are offering. You can also minimize the volume of messages you send – too many of them can be overwhelming.

If you want to reignite the interest of your inactive leads, think about providing gifts or exciting offers.

Event, Webinar or Demo Workflow

As a SaaS company, you need to do whatever it takes to maintain or even increase your online presence. That is why event, webinar, or demo workflows are critical. Use them to communicate with customers who have already registered for an event you plan to hold and confirmed that they would attend.

The event can be online or offline. Either way, it will allow your clients to chat with you directly, tell you their needs and how you can best meet them. When building this email workflow, consider offering helpful details like where the attendees can get accommodation, how they can get there, and the set agenda.

Customer Happiness Workflow

Have you ever thought about creating a list of customers who are happy and appreciative of your services and those who are dissatisfied? If not, you should start. First, use Net Promoter to know the convenient happiness score and identify the happy and unhappy customers. Second, build an email workflow for your happy clients and reward them for their undying loyalty.

Third, create effective email campaigns for customers who remain unimpressed. When doing so, consider factors that can make them happier and satisfied.

The email marketing automation workflows listed above are some of the best ones for your SaaS company. Try them!

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