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Posts about PPC (2):

Google Adwords for Beginners: How to Start Your First Campaign

Google Adwords is a great tool that gives you access to the vast majority of Internet users, but it may leave some wondering about Google Adwords for beginners. While a significant amount of the internet is shrouded in the Deep Web, most users only access the visible part, which Google has documented and indexed for its search engine.

4 Google AdWords Tips That Maximize Your ROI

Learning how to take advantage of the best features Google AdWords offers can take a while to get up to speed. If done right, AdWords can bring your business a ton of fresh leads and help you reduce your sales cycle significantly.

Why PPC Is Not As Expensive As You Think

Search Engine Marketing (SEM, paid search) often gets the "expensive" tag because you're normally paying-per-click. Crap, that does sound expensive doesn't it! BUT, there really isn't such a thing as free marketing. Marketing either costs time, money or both. So if you want to promote your business, you're going to need budget any way you slice it. That being said, since marketing costs money, you should always track results and return on investment. All marketing channels work in slightly different ways, and have their own distinct advantages. PPC for one, is not as expensive as you might think. Here's why.