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7 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 31 July 2018

Did you know the Internet bombards the average web surfer with over 2,900 media messages per day? Did you also know the average user only pays attention to 52?

We live in an age of information overload. Capturing the eyes, clicks, and wallets of the eCommerce crowd has become harder than ever....but it's not exactly impossible.

Make no mistake that website conversion rates bring in sales. To improve the latter requires improving the former. But are you maybe unsure how?

The trick is the setup. Once you have a system in place, you can automate it and focus more on content creation. These seven tips will help get you started.

Stick to the Basics

Before we get into any advanced tricks, let's talk about the basics. You need them to generate traffic, not to mention conversions.

What are the basics? You must first consider the building blocks of SEO, and they can be broken them down into three categories:

  1. Site Optimization
  2. Site Load Times
  3. Mobile Optimization

Site Optimization

Site optimization refers to your site's ease of use, as well as its content quality. Years ago web designers used flashy animation to get user attention. In today's world, that's just a distraction.

Your website should feature a simple design. If it doesn't, users may get frustrated and leave. Not only is your traffic heading straight out the door, so is your potential money!

Finally, you should optimize your content with the user in mind. Write what they want to know. Use strong keywords and backlinks to boost its SERP rankings. Content isn't site filler; it's your absolute bankroll.

Site Load Times

Slow load times also contribute to negative conversion rates. On average, a load time of three seconds is where you ideally want to be. If it's between four and six seconds, you have a problem.

Anything beyond that, well, you get the idea. Design plays a role in load times, too.

Remember those flashy animations? They slow down a site, hence why designers ditched them for a more straightforward look.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is mandatory. Mobile traffic accounts for almost half of all web traffic! That's right, half, 49.7% to be exact.

So how do you optimize for mobile users?

  1. Decrease your page load times
  2. Reformat your content to fit on a mobile screen
  3. Have simple navigation to account for bigger fingers.

These three elements will get your foot in the door, conversion-wise. But a well-run site isn't enough to get sales.

eCommerce shoppers are protective of their information. They can spot corporate fluff a mile away.

So, how do you reach them?

Use Visuals

You've probably heard this one. But it works. Internet users--and people in general--are visual learners.

Visual content outperforms text-only content hand over fist. It's easier to digest. Customers can gain as much insight from a quick video as they can a lengthy product description.

An excellent example is a webinar. Webinars function as lead magnets. They give customers specific knowledge they can't get anywhere else.

It also comes in a video format, making it accessible anywhere. If you don't believe it, look at the numbers.

Adobe found that 51% of site visitors registered for a webinar. 19%, meanwhile, participated in a product demo afterward.

Use Email

With the advent of social media, you might think email is going the way of the payphone. You'd be wrong.

Email is still a marketer's best conversion tool. In fact, it's 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

With it, you gain an email subscriber list you can control. Plus, you get an easy way to earn new leads, nurture current ones with specialized content, and create conversions.

Implementing email subscription is simple, too. Place forms strategically on your website, either as a side-bar, pop-up, or end-of-post form.

Once users opt in, you can nurture them. We'll get to that later.

Make the Process Simple

You've heard of the KISS method, right? Keep It Simple, Stupid? You should apply that method to your conversion process as well.

Complications will keep users away. Instead, be sure to give them simple options. For example, place your phone number at the top of the page.

Users will see it as soon as your site loads. It will connect them to you, giving you the chance to build a relationship.

Chatbots and question forms help too. They give users a chance to have a question answered, building your credibility with them.

Be Honest

People don't connect with businesses. They connect with people and stories. What's more, they're smart enough to know when you're lying.

So be honest. Tell customers what they'll get when they subscribe to your site. Tell them what they'll get when they buy your product.

Finally, tell them about you. An "About Us" page gives you the chance to share your story with your customers. It gives them an opportunity to relate to you.

That connection will increase conversion rates faster than any promotion.

Nurture Your Leads

Email marketing is just one part of a lead generation strategy. Once you capture a lead, you have to nurture it into a customer. But how do you do that?

Think of it like the hot and cold game. Hot leads are ready to buy right away. Cold leads aren't willing to buy yet, but they might with the right motivation.

That motivation comes in the form of specialized content:

  • Newsletters
  • Discounts
  • Personalized Messages

Start with personalized messages. You'll establish trust with the customer and learn about them. Once you know their interests, send a newsletter. It'll inform them about your site and what you offer.

Send discounts last, as they are direct product offerings. Customize them to reflect your lead's interest.

Free Your Content

This next one may seem counter-intuitive. Most sites feature forms that trade customer information for product information.

But what if you gave it away?

Think about it. Everyone loves free stuff. People will flock to your site and download your product.

More downloads equal more shares and more reads. More shares and reads equal more engagement. More engagement equals, you guessed it, higher conversions!

Now, it's not without drawbacks. Not everyone will convert, and a distraction could bounce them away. The only way to know it works is to try it.

Start Increasing Your Website Conversion Rate Today

Website conversion is the way you make money in the digital market. SEO basics will start you off on the right foot, but to make the sale you have to do the work!

Use visuals, email, nurture your leads, and you can make money in your sleep. Got another question? At Hooklead, we're experts at online marketing and lead generation.

Check out our blog for more insightful articles or contact us if you need any assistance.