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Why Google Ads are a Game Changer for SaaS Companies

Zack Hanebrink
Zack Hanebrink 29 August 2022

Google processes 63,000 searches every second.

Even if you only reached a tiny portion of those searchers, think about how many people you could reach if you used Google Ads to promote your software!

Google Ads are a genuine game changer for businesses of all kinds, including software as a service or SaaS companies.

Not sure how to use or maximize your results from Google Ads?

This guide outlines everything you need to know about Google Ads for Saas companies, from the benefits of these ads to how to run an effective campaign.

The Benefits of Google Ads

If you’re not using Google Ads to promote your SaaS business, you’re missing out on a lot of impressive benefits, including the following:

  • Target highly specific audiences based on keywords and phrases, location, language, device type, and more
  • Build brand awareness and get your business’s name and software in front of a larger audience
  • Easily control costs because there is no minimum spending requirement
  • Access detailed analytics to measure performance and make data-driven decisions
  • Easily manage campaigns and edit them as needed

Whether running a new SaaS business or wanting to scale a business that has been around for several years, Google Ads can help you reach a larger audience and achieve your marketing and sales goals.   

What Are Google Ads?

Previously known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is an online advertising tool.

Various businesses — including SaaS businesses — use it to promote products and services on Google Search, YouTube (a Google-owned site and the second-largest search engine in the world), and other sites.

Google Ads makes it easy for brands to set goals and create ads encouraging searchers to take specific actions. Additionally, they are highly customizable and can be started or stopped at anytime.

Google Ads are an example of Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads. This means you only have to pay when someone engages with your ad (clicks on it to visit your website, or call your business, etc.).

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads displays your customized and targeted ads when people search online for the types of products or services that you offer.

Google Ads is designed to put your ads in front of potential customers right when they’re ready to take action. This helps to increase the return on investment you’ll see from your Google Ads.

When using Google Ads, you’ll start by selecting a goal. This could be increasing the number of visitors your website receives or the number of people who contact your business.

After you’ve selected a goal, you’ll select the location where your ad will be shown. This location could be as small as the city where your business is located or an entire country (or even several countries).

Next is the fun part. You get to create your ad and design it to entice to your target audience. Then, you’ll set a monthly budget cap to avoid overspending.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

As mentioned above, you only pay for Google Ads when someone clicks on or engages with your ad. 

Last year, the average Google Ads cost per click was about $1 to $2. However, the amount that you pay will vary depending on several factors, including the following:

  • he specific keywords for which you’re trying to rank
  • The amount your competitors are paying for the same keywords
  • Your industry

Google Ads allows you to set a budget cap so you don’t spend more than you can afford. The platform also provides a calculator to help you estimate your results based on your budget.

Keep in mind, too, that you can adjust your budget at any time.

Running an Initial Test Campaign

Another reason why Google Ads is so great for SaaS companies — especially new businesses trying to build brand awareness and grow their audience — is that it allows you to test campaigns and custom experiments.

Test campaigns allow you to experiment with different types of ad copy, calls-to-action, and audience targeting. You can use the data gathered from these campaigns to fine-tune your Google Ads strategy and see better results.

You can schedule up to 5 experiments for each campaign. However, you can only run one at a time. 

Gaining Traction with Targeted Keywords and Research

You must conduct keyword research and choose the most relevant keywords for your audience to see the best outcomes from your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner allows you to easily and quickly search for words and phrases related to your software. You’ll also learn how often these words and phrases are searched, how search trends have changed and how bid estimates will help you gauge how much you’ll have to pay for them.  

Once you’ve found the keywords and phrases for which you want to rank, you can add them to your SaaS business’s advertising plan and move forward with creating your next campaign.

How to Stay Updated on Changes in the Ecosystem

As is the case with most Google-related tools and services, Google Ads changes and gets updated frequently.

You can follow many online resources to keep up with these changes and updates, including Google’s Ads and Commerce blog.

You can also connect with an online marketing agency specializing in Google Ads and working with SaaS companies like yours. They do the hard work of staying up-to-date on your behalf and will relay important information as needed.

This frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business without worrying that you’re neglecting your online advertising strategy. 

Start Using Google Ads for SaaS Companies Today

Now that you know more about their benefits and how they work, are you ready to start using — or perhaps recommit yourself — to Google Ads?

Follow the guidelines discussed above, and you’ll experience the power of Google Ads for SaaS companies in no time.

Need more help creating or managing Google Ads campaigns? Reach out to us at HookLead today to learn about our services.